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Variety chillies

Variety peppers: the Arbol chili pepper and the Japaleno

Often when one hears about chili, one thinks, wrongly, that one type or another is the same thing. It is not absolutely so, there are many types with specific characteristics that make them suitable for different uses.
The Arbol chili pepper is well known for its bird's beak or mouse tail. This type of chili has a bright red color, especially when ripe. It is found either dried or fresh or powdered and is often used to decorate garlands so that they do not lose their red color after they have dried. You can replace cayenne pepper with de Arbol chilli in most recipes. This chili pepper is used in powder to make sauces, but it can also be used in soups and stews. .

Cascabel chilli and the Habanero

The Cascabel is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to soups, sauces and stews. The Cascabel pepper, also known as the rattle pepper, takes its name from the tendency of loose seeds to tremble and make a sound when they are shaken. The pigmentation of fresh chillies goes from green to red and darkens after drying.
The Habanero are green when they are unripe and are colored during maturation. The common colors are orange and red, but white, brown and pink are also seen. This is the hottest chili pepper, commonly used in Mexican cuisine, although care must be taken during preparation. The Habanero is one of the main ingredients found in hot bottled sauces.

Poblano, Morita and Ancho

Poblano is a mild pepper (when it is dry, it is also called chilli ancho). The ripe red poblano is significantly warmer and more tasty than the less mature one, namely the green poblano. Flavor and heat can be unpredictable, sometimes they can have a lot of heat without us imagining it. This pepper is commonly used in sauces.
Morita is like a smoked jalapeno and has a rich, slightly fruity flavor.
Ancho is the dry form of the Poblano peppers: it is one of the most widespread species of dried peppers. Several chillies from the same plant have been shown to describe a substantial variation in heat intensity.

Anaheim and Guajillo

Anaheim is the mildest type of pepper, also called Magdalena. Anaheim peppers originate in New Mexico and California and are well known. This type, if it is grown in New Mexico tends to be warmer than that grown in California. This chili pepper is commonly used in sauces and can also be roasted and stuffed.
Guajillo: Guajillo chili is characterized by its thin, deep red flesh. It has a slight taste of green tea with berry nuances and has only a small amount of heat. This is sometimes used to make the sauce with a sweet taste and a surprisingly warm finish. It is used in all types of pasta, to flavor meat, especially chicken.