Homeopathy for weight loss

The homeopathic principle

In homeopathy, each individual has a vital energy within himself that, if stressed due to wrong lifestyles, can be damaged. In order to rebalance an organism, the homeopath must first know the life of the patient to be treated. his eating habits, if you have difficulties of various kinds, such as walking, difficulty sleeping, because homeopathy treats the patient by similarity helping him in his reaction to the disease, if the cause is not known. The self-healing principle that our body possesses is one of the cornerstones of homeopathy, and it is powerful in our body. But this self-regenerating force can weaken, lose energy due to stress, but also due to drugs or their abuse. At this point the body is unable to react! And so the homeopathic principle of stimulating an organism towards healing comes into play!

Omepathy for weight loss

A valid aid for weight loss can come from homeopathy, which using natural products helps us to reduce extra pounds. The raw Coffea can be used for example by those who eat to calm a nervous state. Those who suffer from lazy bowel, can find a valid help in taking Graphites, the hated cellulite can be counteracted by the use of Lycopodium which helps to decrease the fat, preventing it from accumulating in the tissues, to defeat the much-loathed "orange peel". Those suffering from exhaustion can benefit from taking Kali carbonicum, while to eliminate toxins from our body (accumulated following drug abuse) and improve blood circulation, the use of Natrum sulfuricum is indicated.

A valid aid to lose weight with homeopathy

For a woman facing menopause the fight against extra pounds is decidedly arduous. Due to the change in her condition, the woman partially loses the ability to burn calories. Very common is the frustration that arises when, despite reducing caloric intake, the desired result is not achieved. The hormonal changes, typical of those who are in menopause, can be attenuated by taking the Kali Carbonicun or alternatively, depending on the judgment of the homeopath, of the Ferrum. Strapisaghia will help menopausal women lose weight, acting on the nervous system, thus reducing attacks of nervous hunger. The password will necessarily be to reawaken that metabolism that has fallen asleep. An excellent stimulator of the organism is the Calcarea Carbonica, associated with Ignazia.

Homeopathy for weight loss: Childhood obesity

In addition to homeopathic remedies, psychology also comes into play, where there are actually no pathological problems. It will be advisable to use a sort of food calendar and not to think it is just a factor of growth or constitution, since certain bad eating habits should be corrected from the beginning. In this case, a healthy physical activity must certainly be associated, in aid of the diet, monitoring the child's desire to eat and his trigger. Very often the food is used as a surrogate, an affective deficiency is replaced by chips and snacks, the weight inevitably increases and the self-esteem goes down, creating an infinite circle. Crudum Antimonium can be used by children and generally by young people who tend to gain weight.