Cricket cultivator

Grillo rotary cultivators

The Grillo rotary cultivators are grouped in a wide range of machines, designed to cover all aspects of agriculture: from the simple garden of the house, to the professional one of the gardeners or nursery gardens; passing through the most demanding private individuals who, although not professionals, have special needs. A wide range of equipment can be applied to the numerous engines, petrol or diesel, capable of developing different powers. Equipment that allows a variety of processes: such as mowing garden grass, controlling weeds in the boulevards, shredding the branches and the more traditional ones such as milling and plowing. Without neglecting the tasks that we could define as "special": the rubbish of the pitches, the clearing of the snow with blades or snow turbines or, again, the removal of the earth.

The Grillo rotary cultivator for the private sector

The Grillo range of rotary cultivators starts with models intended for non-professional use, dedicated to those who need a machine to perform the various typical operations of the garden or home garden, without special needs. In any case, these machines are versatile, comfortable, easy to use and with adequate power; although small, compared to professional machines. Gasoline or diesel fuel supplies, as in the entire range, to meet the individual needs of users. The power starts from 3.6 Kw / 4.8 Hp to reach 4.1 Kw / 5.5 Hp. Although the powers are not very high, they are perfectly able to withstand the combination of the machine body with tools such as cutters, plows (even reversible), cutter bars, mowers, front sweepers, snow or earth blades and snow turbines.

The Grillo rotary cultivator in the ground ... out of the way

Even in the world of gardening, there is a whole series of people who, although they are not real professionals, need more powerful means than the "basic" versions. The Grillo rotary cultivator built for this range of users develops powers ranging from 5.5 Kw / 7.5 Hp up to 8.1 Kw / 11 Hp of the most powerful version. This machine is dedicated to those private individuals who own a large garden, an extended orchard, a park around the house, etc. All those utilities which, although they do not need the "professional" vehicle, need higher powers. as on the whole range, there are rubber wheels, crampons and different sizes or iron wheels. For the care of the greenery, the rubber wheels are available enlarged and lightly anchored, so as not to damage the turf.

Crop cultivator: The Grillo professional rotary cultivator

With a power of up to 9 Kw / 12.2 Hp, the Grillo rotary cultivator designed for professionals represents the top of the house. This machine is aimed at those who use the rotary cultivator by trade. In addition to the cutter and the plow, classic combinations for this type of vehicle, the equipment that can be connected to smaller vehicles is also available. The increased power, on the other hand, allows the use of special tools, such as: rotary plows, shredders, rotary harrows. To complete the equipment it is possible to use, in a more intensive way, also the other tools available on the whole range: snow turbines, snow blades and brushing machines. The casing is available with recessed front lights, for any movement or night work. The two-wheeled trailer still allows further work.