Ferrari rotary cultivator models

Models of Ferrari cultivators

The Ferrari rotary cultivators respond to the modern vision of the rotary cultivator: no longer a machine able, above all, to perform soil milling, but a polyhedral means to which combine a series of tools that allow it to perform multiple processes. These vehicles have as their main purpose the use for the working of the land, being able to combine their cutters and plows. However, they can also perform other operations, simply by changing gear. So they can be used to sweep up paths and pitches, but also to remove snow with snow plow blades or snow blowers. Without neglecting the care of the green: cutter bars, lawnmowers with one or two blades, blade runner; all designed for the use that best suits the needs of the end customer.

The Ferrari rotary cultivator in the garden

The Ferrari rotary cultivator for hobby use is intended for individuals who need a car to take care of the garden or home garden. Although it is not equipped with great power (the engines range from a minimum of 3.6 kW / 4.8 HP to a maximum of 5.5 kW / 7.5 HP) this vehicle develops the strength suitable for typical operations for which it is thought. It can be equipped with cutters, plows, cutter bars, different types of mowers, snow blades or snow blowers. For those who want to use it in garden work or in the vegetable garden it represents the right compromise between purchase cost and usable power; combined with the great versatility that characterizes this type of machine. Plowing a land, preparing it for sowing, mowing a lawn or taking care of the edges of a path are certainly not a problem with it.

Ferrari rotary cultivator models for the most demanding

Of course, not all customers have the same needs and Ferrari rotary cultivators are built on this parameter. So here is the 338 PowerSafe series, the vehicles dedicated to those who, without being a professional for the garden or a farmer, need more powerful means. Not the powerful vehicle as a professional, but a vehicle that has that extra something needed for those who have a large garden or even a medium-sized orchard; where the expense for the purchase of a tractor would be excessive, but the small rotary cultivator could be in difficulty. This machine, in its most powerful version, can deliver around 2.5 Kw / 3 Hp more than the equivalent model for hobby use. Combined with the fact of having more, among the connectable equipment, the rotary plow and the shredder here we have the perfect machine for this type of user.

Ferrari rotary cultivators for professionals

The Ferrari rotary cultivator designed for the professional market is a machine similar in appearance to the "brothers" built for other uses, but at the same time different. In the engines, first of all petrol or diesel, here too, but more powerful: the base is 8 Kw / 10.7 Hp, but you get comfortable at 9 Kw / 12.2 Hp. This machine is designed specifically for intensive use, allowing the processing and sowing of plots of a certain size, in addition to the accessory operations necessary for horticultural crops, such as weed control. Weeds control in orchards can also be carried out effectively with these machines: lawn mowers, cutter bars or grass cutters are available, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer. The quick attachment of the tools as standard equipment on these machines makes operations even easier.