Natural remedies

To treat passenger ailments or seasonal ailments, you can resort to so-called "natural remedies". This term refers to a wide range of products made exclusively with plant extracts or other substances existing in nature. Natural remedies can have different formulations: herbal teas, decoctions, infusions, tablets, capsules and granular powder. The naturalness of the remedy does not, in fact, only concern its preparation, but also its commercial formulation, made using exclusively vitamins, amino acids and other substances obtained from plants. The species that lend themselves to the preparation of natural remedies are many and are called "officinal plants". Among the most famous we remember the chamomile, the lemon balm and the valerian, historical plants with calming and anxiolytic effects. Modern herbal medicine uses many other plants suitable for the preparation of draining and purifying slimming remedies. The range of species used to treat different diseases is now very much nourished. There are natural remedies suitable for combating cough and sore throat, but also more severe disorders, such as depression. Among the anti-influenza plants we mention propolis, while among antidepressants we can mention hypericum. Many, even natural remedies against water retention or weight gain, where the extracts of algae or seeds and juices of tropical plants are exploited. Among the plants with excellent anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties we also remember aloe, a fat or succulent species whose extracts are also used for cosmetic purposes. In order for natural remedies to take effect, they must be taken regularly and according to the dosage recommended by the doctor or herbalist. Taking natural remedies is not recommended in the case of chronic diseases or the simultaneous use of other drugs. The active ingredients of the latter, in fact, combined with those of natural remedies, can give rise to dangerous interactions. Some home remedies, such as herbal teas, infusions and decoctions, should be avoided in the event of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Studies and experiments also confirm the potential "abortive" effects of some plants. It follows that taking natural remedies based on them should be carefully avoided. However, there are remedies that can be taken safely even in the case of particular psychophysical conditions. But any intake or administration of plant extracts must always be authorized and monitored by a herbalist or a competent doctor.