Tablets and tablets

The tablets are pharmaceutical formulations for oral use. Of solid and rounded shape, these formulations dissolve in the mouth, conveying their active ingredient to the body. The tablets can be composed of medicines or herbal medicines. In the first case we talk about drugs, while in the second we talk about supplements. Although made up of extracts from official plants, herbalist tablets are in no way classified as drugs, but only among supplements. The difference is not small, because pharmaceutical tablets can only be bought in pharmacies, while herbal medicines, in addition to pharmacies, can also be bought from pharmacies and herbalists. The tablets, both pharmaceutical and herbal, are composed of a powder mixture, enriched with excipients with an aggregating and solidifying effect. The tablets have a round or elongated oval shape and often coincide with the tablets. The excipients are used to keep the powders containing the active ingredients of the tablet together, but also to improve their appearance and color. In fact, white, pink, red and blue tablets are available on the market. The famous blue tablets are those of Viagra, but this is not the place to talk about the effects of similar pills. The most widely used tablets (in addition to Viagra) are slimming ones. These preparations contain substances that stimulate the sense of satiety, causing them to consume less food. Slimming tablets may contain chemicals, but also natural substances, such as fucus or guar root extracts. Fucus is a marine alga that enhances lipid metabolism by burning more fat, while guar is a plant that reduces the absorption of sugars in the body. Based on the extracts used, the tablets can also have draining, diuretic and purifying effects. The draining and diuretic tablets exploit the extracts of plants and fruits with the homonymous properties, among these we remember the pilosella, the dandelion and the pineapple. The tablets, to be really effective, should be taken regularly and according to specific dosages. Depending on the extracts used, they can be taken before, after or during meals. The pills to fight insomnia are generally taken before going to sleep, while the slimming ones, just before meals. To avoid side effects, the dosage of tablets, both herbal and pharmaceutical, must be carefully agreed with a doctor.