Instructions for the use of herbicide Pivot, consumption rates and analogues

The herbicide Pivot is highly effective. This remedy helps to fight weeds. Grass development slows down within a few hours after spraying. After 3-5 weeks, the plants are completely dead. To achieve good results in using the substance, you should strictly follow the instructions. Compliance with safety precautions is also important.

Composition and release form of the drug Pivot

Imazethapyr is considered the active component of Pivota. In 1 liter of the product, there are 100 grams of active ingredient. This inorganic herbicide belongs to the group of Imidazolinones. It is produced in the form of a suspension that dissolves in water. The drug is packaged in standard plastic packaging. Its volume is 20 liters..

Mechanism of action and rate of action of the herbicide

Pivot is a systemic herbicide that has a selective effect. When spraying plants, the drug enters the growth zones and begins to act. Chlorosis of new leaves and the death of growth points are considered signs of the beginning of the work of the substance. The drug provokes dwarfism. Gradually, the grass dies.

It is worth using the herbicide in warm weather. It is permissible to do this at a temperature of + 5-25 degrees. However, the most favorable parameters are considered to be + 10-20 degrees. In addition, the performance of high-quality harrowing of the soil makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the action of the tool.

On the first day after use, the effect of the drug is not noticeable. But the development of weeds stops after a few hours. The grass dies off completely after 3-5 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

The key benefits of Pivot include the following:

  1. To kill weeds, 1 treatment is enough.
  2. The agent is allowed to be used before sowing cultivated plants and during their growth.
  3. The composition can be combined with other methods of weed control.
  4. When using the substance at the time of the emergence of shoots, the spread of Pivot occurs within an hour. This is very important in rainy weather.
  5. The tool is economical.
  6. When the instructions are followed, the drug does not have a toxic effect on people and bees. It is permissible to use it near fish breeding reservoirs.

The pivot has practically no flaws. The only drawback can be considered the need to comply with safety precautions when spraying.

What crops are suitable and consumption rates for them

Pivot can be used for different crops:

  1. Soy. For 1 hectare, 0.5-0.8 liters of the substance is used. It is recommended to spray the soil before sowing. It is also permissible to add the composition during the growing season - until the appearance of 2 trifoliate leaves of the plant.
  2. Lupine. In this case, the consumption rate of the composition is 0.4-0.5 liters per hectare. In this case, it is worth processing crops at the stage of appearance of 3-5 true leaves.
  3. Alfalfa. The amount of the preparation is 1 liter per hectare. It is recommended to spray crops 1-1.5 weeks after cutting.

How to prepare a working mixture

It is recommended to prepare the working fluid on the day of application. At first, it is recommended to shake the composition. Fill the sprayer one third with water, turn on the mixing and add the required amount of the product. Top up the tank with water to get the full volume. In this case, you should turn on the blending mode. This will help achieve a uniform consistency.

For 1 hectare, 200-400 liters of working solution are usually used. During the season, it is recommended to spray the plants no more than 1 time.

Processing technology

To achieve good results in weed control, the instructions for using the composition must be strictly followed. The agent can be applied at the time of pre-sowing cultivation. This is done to a depth of no more than 6 centimeters. Also, the composition is used after sowing, before sprouts appear. However, in this case, the agent is embedded in the ground with harrows.

Safety engineering

When applying a herbicide, you should follow the safety rules:

  • use protective equipment - glasses, respirator, gloves;
  • wear protective clothing and headgear;
  • it is forbidden to smoke or eat during the processing of plants;
  • avoid inhalation of vapors of the product;
  • do not allow the substance to come into contact with the skin, mouth or eyes;
  • after spraying is complete, wash with soap;
  • if symptoms of poisoning appear, consult a doctor.

Drug toxicity

If you use the agent in the dosage recommended for spraying, there is no poisonous effect on the plants. The herbicide belongs to the third class of danger for mammals and bees. The product can be used near reservoirs in which fish are grown.

Compatibility with other pesticides

With the simultaneous use of the product with other substances, it is worth making sure that they are compatible. When using Pivota for plants with 6 leaves or moderately sensitive types of grass, it is combined with mineral oils.

It is also permissible to use a product with surface active ingredients. This helps to increase the effect of the drug.

It should be borne in mind that it is forbidden to combine Pivot with graminicides.

Shelf life and storage conditions

It is recommended to store the product in a dry and dark place. The temperature regime should be at the level of + 5-25 degrees. Keep the herbicide in a factory container. The shelf life reaches 36 months.

Similar means

An analogue of Pivot is the drug Serp.

Pivot is an effective remedy that is often used to kill weeds. To achieve good results in this matter, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the instructions for use of the substance. Compliance with safety rules is of great importance.

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