TOP 7 simple and delicious recipes for pickling cucumbers in jars for the winter

Cucumbers are considered the most common vegetable from which pickles are prepared for the winter. Before you start creating winter pickles, you need to familiarize yourself in advance with how to salt cucumbers correctly and what recipes to use.

Features of pickling cucumbers for the winter

There are certain features of pickling fresh cucumbers that every housewife should be familiar with:

  • preparing a cucumber snack for the winter is done in the middle or second half of summer, when the vegetables are ripe;
  • for canning, you cannot use cucumber fruits that have begun to deteriorate;
  • it is better to use three-liter jars as containers for canning pickles;
  • store pickles in cool rooms.

Preparation of raw materials

First you need to pick up cucumbers that will be salted for the winter. It is recommended to choose fresh, not overripe vegetables without yellow spots on the surface. They should not be large, as large fruits will hardly fit in containers. It is better to select small and compact cucumbers 5-8 centimeters long.

All selected vegetables are pre-prepared for further canning. They are washed in advance and soaked in water to make them more juicy. Soak them for ten hours.

How to prepare containers

All jars used for rolling vegetables are carefully checked for integrity. There should be no mechanical damage on their bottom and walls. Before inspecting the container, it is necessary to rinse it in water and dry it.

Selected jars will have to be sterilized, since salting is not stored in unsterilized containers for long.

During sterilization, all containers are steamed for fifteen minutes, after which they are dried for 5 minutes in the oven turned on.

How to pickle cucumbers correctly

Before canning, you need to study the best recipes for making pickles from cucumber fruits.

Crispy pickles in a 3-liter jar

Most often, the classic recipe for pickling cucumbers in large three-liter jars is used.

For salting vegetables you will need:

  • 25 cucumbers;
  • four garlic prongs;
  • ten black peppercorns;
  • 75 milliliters of vinegar;
  • five sprigs of dill;
  • horseradish.

First, the container is filled with washed vegetables and chopped garlic with spices. Then you need to boil and salt the water, which is poured into containers. After that, the liquid is drained, boiled again and poured back with vinegar.

Hot salting in 1 liter jars

The simplest recipe is salting vegetables in liter jars. The ingredients will be needed the same as when creating pickles in a three-liter container. Each liter container is half filled with cucumbers. To make the dish more aromatic, spices with garlic are added. The container is filled with salted boiling water. After half an hour, it is drained, boiled again and poured back.

Mustard version without sterilization

Another easy recipe is salting without sterilization with the addition of mustard. This ingredient is added to the marinade, which is poured into containers with vegetables. The marinade is boiled for 10 minutes, after which mustard with spices is added to it. Then vegetables are laid out in jars, vinegar, bay leaf are added and boiling water is poured.

Vodka recipe

To make a delicious cucumber snack, you can add a little vodka to it. The alcoholic drink is not poured into cans, but into boiling water. Experienced housewives advise adding no more than 150 milliliters of vodka to the marinade.

Such a liquid is boiled for half an hour. Then it is poured into jars of cucumbers, insisted for two hours, poured, boiled and poured back again.

With carrots

To create pickles you will need:

  • 2-4 kilograms of cucumbers;
  • five cloves of garlic;
  • bitter pepper;
  • 100 ml of vinegar liquid;
  • salt;
  • greens;
  • 3-4 carrots.

First, the carrots are grated, and then, together with the cucumber fruits, are placed in a container. Then water is boiled, salted and poured into glass containers. After an hour, the marinade is poured into a saucepan, brought to a boil and poured into jars.

With rye bread

To improve fermentation, it is recommended to add rye bread. 3-4 small slices of bread are placed in each jar. Then add cucumbers with chopped onions, herbs and spices. All ingredients are poured with boiling water. When the bread is soaked, the water is drained, boiled 2-3 times and poured back again.

With citric acid

First, greens, bay leaves, onions and spices are spread on the bottom of the jars. Then small cucumbers are laid out on top. When the cans are full, water is boiled, to which salt and citric acid are added. The boiled liquid is poured into a container, after which it is rolled up with lids.

Further storage of workpieces

Salted vegetables should be stored in cool cellars, where direct sunlight will never reach. The temperature should be around 8-10 degrees above zero. In such conditions, pickles will not deteriorate within a year and a half. If you store canned food in lighted and warm rooms, they will start to deteriorate in 4-5 months.


People who want to enjoy vegetables in winter have to pickle them in jars. Before doing this, you need to familiarize yourself with the main recipes for making homemade pickles using fresh cucumbers, spices, herbs and other ingredients.

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