Description of the tomato variety Phenomena, its characteristics and yield

The hybrid tomato Phenomenon F1 from the French company Vilmorin is gaining popularity among vegetable growers. It compares favorably not only with its amazing yield, but also with its unpretentiousness. Egg-shaped tomatoes retain their presentation for a long time and look beautiful in the garden.

Before sowing, experts recommend carefully studying the reviews of experienced tomato growers and the description of the F1 Phenomenon tomato.

Features of the hybrid

Tomato variety "Phenomena" - an early ripe hybrid of semi-determinant type. Full ripening of fruits, under favorable conditions, begins already 95 days after germination.

Description of the plant:

  • The bush is strong and spreading, reaching a height of 160-180 cm.
  • The strong root system promotes intensive plant formation and makes it more resilient.
  • The plant is highly leafy, which provides excellent protection for the fruit from the sun.
  • Temperature conditions do not affect the quality of the fruit and the intensity of fruiting.
  • The hybrid has increased immunity to mosaic virus, verticillium, fusarium and pillar, and is also less susceptible to yellow curly leaves and nematodes.

Fruit characteristics:

  • fruits are oval, ovoid;
  • weight from 90 to 120 grams;
  • the color of ripe tomatoes is deep red;
  • the skin is strong, smooth, glossy;
  • the pulp is dense, fleshy;
  • tomatoes lie for a long time and do not deteriorate, keeping their presentation;
  • do not wrinkle during transportation, are resistant to damage.

Phenomena tomatoes are ideal for pickling, they make delicious homemade sauces, and they are also suitable for drying.

Growing and care

The Phenomena F1 tomato is recommended for growing both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. Agrotechnics:

  • It is recommended to sow seeds for seedlings in March, to a depth of no more than 1 cm. After the seedlings, pour warm water, cover with foil and put in a warm place.
  • After germination, the film must be removed, and the container with sprouts must be placed in a lighted place. For the first time, you can organize round-the-clock lighting using mirrors or fluorescent lamps.
  • During the first week, it is desirable that the temperature in the room remains within + 14-16 degrees. After that, the temperature must be increased to + 20-22 degrees.
  • When the first true leaf appears on the sprouts, the seedlings should be dived.
  • It is recommended to plant seedlings at the age of 35-40 days. Plants are unpretentious and take root easily.
  • Tomatoes need periodic fertilizing with fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • Like all early ripening varieties, Phenomena does not require the formation of a bush, since the fruits ripen before the bush grows. The stems, although powerful, tend to bend under the weight of the fruit, so they need to be tied up.

Phenomenon F1 is perfect both for cultivation in a summer cottage and for cultivation on an industrial scale.


Inga Orlova, Moscow:

“Every season I experiment with hybrids. The phenomenon is something. From seedling age, it is completely unpretentious, forms the ovary well and gives an excellent harvest. I have it in the first place among hybrids. "

Lyudmila Yesenina, Krasnoyarsk:

“There really wasn't any trouble with this hybrid. But the taste of tomatoes was not impressed, herbaceous. The rainy summer may have influenced it. "

Lyudmila Koroleva, Ufa:

“Phenomenon is a fruitful and stable hybrid. I remove only ripe tomatoes from the bush, after removal they can lie for another 2-3 months and they will have nothing. I use it mainly for processing. "

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