Step-by-step recipe for making plum Nutella for the winter

As part of the classic Nutella, there are no plums, but at home they often prepare a dessert with the addition of this fruit. Although this combination is considered unusual, it turns out a delicious product with which you can make sweet sandwiches and add it to baked goods. Everyone will appreciate the pleasant taste of the dessert. In addition, there is a simple recipe for Nutella from plums for the winter.

The subtleties of cooking plum Nutella for the winter

This dessert can be easily made at home. Experienced housewives suggest using the following tips:

  1. In order for the product to retain its taste, it must be stored in a glass container. It is advisable to close it in smaller banks.
  1. Excess air accelerates the deterioration of the product, so it is better not to leave Nutella in the dishes in which it was made.
  2. Experiment lovers can add new ingredients to the dessert. For this, coconut flakes, dried apricots, a mixture of dried fruits or candied fruits are suitable.

Nutella can be prepared for the winter with a special recipe. Then at any time you can please yourself and your loved ones with this wonderful delicacy.

Products for the recipe

It is enough to choose a simple recipe for making a dessert. It will require preparation:

  • drain - 2 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1.5 kg;
  • cocoa powder - 100 g;
  • butter - 200 g.

We need fresh and high-quality products, otherwise a delicious dessert will not work. According to the specified recipe, the dessert is prepared very quickly and easily.

How to choose and prepare ingredients

The fruits should not be mechanically damaged. It is important that the berries are smooth, without dents, dark spots. The aroma of plums is felt through the skin. The fruit should not be very soft or hard.

Ripe plums have a dry stalk. You should choose berries with a uniform color. Skin gloss is allowed for different varieties.

You should not choose spoiled and low-quality fruits. Before preparing dessert, they must be thoroughly washed and pitted.

Container preparation

First you need to inspect the containers. We need jars without cracks, chips and other defects. Then the container should be cleaned with water and baking soda.

After this, the containers must be rinsed. Sterilization is also required. If the jars are small, the microwave is suitable, in which the containers are installed. Leave them on for a few minutes. This completes the container sterilization process. In this case, the dessert can be stored for a longer time.

Cooking process

Dessert is prepared according to the following instructions:

  1. Sugar (150 g) and water (100 ml) are added to the plums. The mixture is cooked for 20 minutes. After cooling, the mass is processed in a blender.
  2. Another 1.5 kg of sugar is added and the mass is cooked for 20 minutes. It is necessary to remove the foam. To make Nutella homogeneous, rub the mass through a sieve.
  3. The mass is cooked for another 20 minutes.
  4. They put the jam again to cook. The cocoa powder is sieved. Then it is added to the jam and mixed.
  5. It is required to add butter (200 g).
  6. The last time the mixture is cooked for 15-20 minutes, and can be closed in jars.

This completes the cooking process for Nutella. The containers are turned over, covered with a blanket. After cooling they can be turned over again.

Further storage

The cans with the blank can be left in the pantry. A dark, cool place, where the temperature is not more than +20 degrees, is most suitable. It is advisable not to put containers in the basement or on the balcony, since the frozen dessert loses its properties.

You can leave Nutella for up to 3 years, if all the rules for the preparation and sterilization of cans are followed. If you follow the storage recommendations, the dessert will be tasty and healthy.

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