The recipe for pickled cucumbers with gooseberries for the winter without vinegar

Pickled cucumbers with gooseberries are a very interesting and bright appetizer. Ripe berries and small cucumbers are usually added there. This perfect combination gives an unparalleled taste and aroma. Cucumbers with gooseberries are crispy for the winter, they will decorate any table even for a holiday, they can be eaten with any dish.

Sterilized snack jars are stored for over a year in a cool place. Salted gooseberries will surprise many guests. They look interesting and colorful in the bank. It is very important to study all the important nuances of the preparation of this salting in order to obtain the desired taste and long-term storage. If you do not add vinegar to the salting, then with proper preparation, it can be stored in the refrigerator throughout the winter.

Ingredients that make up

Canned cucumbers with gooseberries include the simplest foods that are in the garden, or they can be purchased at any store. Vinegar is not usually added, so the snack is considered easy and safe for digestion.

For this recipe, one can take:

  • A pound of gooseberries, ripe, better than pink or yellow;
  • 600 grams of cucumbers, small and crunchy;
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic;
  • Dill sprigs to taste;
  • Salt two tablespoons;
  • Sugar one tablespoon.

You can also use large cucumbers, only then it is better to cut them into pieces. This will make them more saturated with brine. Small gherkins do not cut, only the ends are cut. It will be tastier to take cucumbers with pimples. Gooseberries are taken from light varieties, these berries give a delicate aroma to cucumbers. Together they look very beautiful in a jar and on a plate.

If you strictly observe all the proportions, do not forget to add anything, then the cucumbers will turn out to be of exactly the same taste as you need.

Detailed recipe description

In order to be able to delight yourself with a fragrant cucumber in winter, it is important to follow the rules of the recipe when pickling, do everything in order. First, all the vegetables are washed, the ends of the cucumbers are cut off. You can soak them in cold water for a couple of hours. They sort out the gooseberries, dry them on a towel.

Greens are also washed. The garlic is peeled, sliced, washed and dried. Greens and garlic can be put in jars whole, but you can also cut it into small pieces. This is done to taste.

Banks usually take liter banks for such a recipe, they are washed thoroughly. Then they must be sterilized. They are poured over with boiling water, held over steam, then dried on a cloth.

Put herbs and garlic in a clean dry jar. Cucumbers are also placed tightly, leaving room for berries in the jar. Gooseberries are placed last.

To prepare the marinade, you need to pour clean water without scale into a saucepan, put salt, sugar according to the recipe there. Stir and then put on the stove and boil. Then the contents of the jars are poured with this marinade up to the neck. Close the lids and turn over. You can do it differently: first pour hot water over jars of vegetables, insist, and then drain and cook the brine.

When the jars are cool, you can put them in the basement or in the refrigerator. Due to their size, they do not take up much space, they are convenient to store and eat.

Cooking rules

Without sterilization, pickling will not work, since this is a sure way to prevent the contents of the jar from fermenting. There are several rules to follow when harvesting gooseberry cucumbers.

  1. In order not to kill all the beneficial properties of herbs and berries, you can let the marinade cool down a little.
  2. Vegetables are taken only fresh, healthy, not rotten. Greens should not be lethargic or yellowed.
  3. For pickling, choose high-quality salt. It mainly depends on this how much the workpiece will be stored, whether it will burst.
  4. You can eat a pickled product no earlier than three months later, only then it begins to ripen in a jar.
  5. The secrets of the right taste are kept in the marinade, if you add the right ratio of all products there, then the appetizer will turn out to be very tasty.
  6. Cucumbers are always soaked before readiness.

Tin covers are chosen, it is best to buy new ones every time for new blanks. The cans are signed with the date and name of the snack. This snack is kept in a cold place.

Reviews of those who cook

Vlada: I've been canning gooseberries with cucumbers for several years in a row. The taste of this appetizer is excellent, sweet and sour, and has a delicate aroma. I sterilize the jars, add an aspirin tablet, so they can be stored for more than a year in the refrigerator. Berries and acid are of great benefit to the body during the cold season. And the presence of a ringing crunch, sweetish and spicy aftertaste always means that pickled cucumbers are cooked correctly.

Everyone can master pickling cucumbers with gooseberries for the winter without vinegar. The recipes are not very complicated, you just need to know the basic requirements of how to improve their taste and preserve them for a long time. The reviews of those who prepared this appetizer are delighted. Experiment more often with homemade preparations.

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