Description of the tomato variety Winner and its characteristics

The tomato is one of the most sought-after plants among gardeners. Among the popular varieties is the winner tomato. It was the fruit of the work of the Russian manufacturer - the Volgograd Experimental Station.

General information about the variety

The plant gives a stable harvest in open field and greenhouse conditions. The preferred landing site is chosen based on the climatic characteristics of the region.

Characteristics and description of the appearance of the variety:

  • mid-early, maximum ripening period of 115 days;
  • determinant, has limited growth;
  • undersized, the height of the bush does not exceed 75 cm;
  • good foliage;
  • foliage is green, medium size;
  • high yield, the maximum number of berries per 1 sq. landing meter up to 10 kilograms for the summer season;
  • complex inflorescence, the first is formed over 7-8 leaves;
  • there is no articulation on the peduncle;
  • good transportability and keeping quality;
  • resistance to most diseases of the nightshade family;
  • unpretentious care.

Tomatoes of the Pobeditel variety are successfully cultivated in the northern and southern regions of the country. External description and technical data of the fruit:

  • elongated, oval shape;
  • the maximum berry weight does not exceed 120 grams;
  • medium silver;
  • dense;
  • thin skin;
  • in a mature state, it acquires a bright red color;
  • has 3-4 nests;
  • sweet taste;
  • the amount of dry matter in the pulp does not exceed 5.5%;
  • fragrant.

IMPORTANT! The berry is suitable for one-time mechanical harvesting.

Reviews of gardeners and consumers speak of the versatility of tomatoes. Ripe fruits are suitable for canning, pickling and processing into tomato products: juice, puree, ketchup, paste. The variety is used fresh for the preparation of vegetable salads.

Growing recommendations

The plant prefers a seedling method of planting. It is recommended to plant seeds for seedlings in early March. To get healthy sprouts, you should:

  • prepare complex soil for tomatoes and seedling containers;
  • plant seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm;
  • irrigation of planting with warm water from a spray bottle;
  • cover the landing with a film;
  • maintain a constant room temperature of at least 23 degrees;
  • after the first shoots appear, move the seedlings to the windowsill or provide a regular light source;
  • regular watering.

Tomatoes should be hardened before planting. For the event, the room temperature should be lowered to 15-16 degrees a week before the expected planting date.

In care, the variety is not whimsical, the mandatory procedures include:

  • picking after the appearance of the first two true sheets;
  • watering with warm water as needed;
  • regular loosening and weeding of the soil;
  • feeding with complex mineral fertilizer, at least 4 times during the summer season.

Gardeners' opinion

This summer I planted a tomato of the Pobeditel variety. The variety lived up to its promising name. From 1 sq. meter of planting collected 8 kilograms of delicious tomatoes. I did not face any problems, the variety is not demanding. I am satisfied with the result, I recommend it to novice gardeners!

Kirill Gennadievich, 47 years old.

Good afternoon! This summer I tried a new tomato variety - Winner. Low-growing plant, resistant to most diseases, easy to care for. I was pleased with the high yield. The taste of the grown berries is very sweet! For salads, just a godsend. I advise!

Ekaterina Yurieva, 54 years old.

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