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Repotting pachira

Question: when to repot the pachira

at what time of the year is it advisable to repot the aquatic pachira? Is it necessary to follow the moon too? thanks.

Repaking pachira: Answer: when to repot the pachira

Dear Daniel,
the pachira aquatica is a tree, of the family of bombacacee, closely related to the baobab; in nature they live in Central America, and grow as medium-sized trees, while in Europe they are cultivated in pots, as houseplants. Potted cultivation, then in a container that forces the root system to live in restricted environments, contributes to a sort of bonsaization, in the sense that these plants, in pots, do not usually exceed 3 meters in height. Especially when the plants are quite young, it is advisable to repot them every year, or every two years, without waiting (as is done with other plants) for the thinner roots to come out of the drainage holes in the pot. They are preferably repotted in late winter, or early spring, between the end of February and the first half of March. In general, excessively large containers are avoided, and it is preferred to increase the pot by a couple of centimeters compared to the container in which the plant is now placed. If possible, choose clay pots, because the weight of the pot itself will prevent the plant from being overturned by the weight of the leaves, which happens with plastic pots if the plants spend a few months outdoors. If you choose a plastic vase, remember to place a thick layer of gravel on the bottom, so as to give some weight to the container. The soil with which to repot these plants must be rich, and well drained; you can buy common universal soil, and mix it with little sand, to increase drainage, or even with lapillus or pumice stone. Generally the soils found in the nursery are already enriched with fertilizers; therefore in the first weeks after repotting it will not be necessary to supply fertilizer; what you will do instead, about every fifteen days, starting in May, until September; avoid fertilizing during the autumn and winter months. Over the years it becomes less and less necessary to repot these plants; when they are already 2-3 meters high, in pot, they begin to diminish their development; at this point it will no longer be necessary to repot your pachira; but it is always good to renew at least part of the soil in the vase, removing the superficial part of it, and adding universal soil; in the nursery there are also particularly rich soils, suitable precisely to top up the pots over the years. When choosing a soil for a plant cultivated in pot, always remember to choose the best possible, which is rich and well balanced, and which gives rise to a good dough; avoid low-cost soil, or even those that are very packed and crushed in the bag.