Christmas star care

Which species to choose?

There are different types of Christmas stars, which correspond to different colors and sizes of flowers. Those who are about to buy a specimen of it should choose thick plants, with leaves full of leaves and almost total absence of signs that indicate the beginning of a process of counting. This will make it possible to ensure a longer life of the plant which, if not, will be more difficult to make flourish again. There is no difference between the Christmas stars with red, white or striped bracts with other colors as regards their care or their durability. The tricks that must be followed for a type of plant are always the same even when the species purchased is changed. Just pay attention and give the star a little love to have the desired effect.

The winter plant that fears cold and frost

One of the characteristics of euphorbia pulcherrima is that it needs a mild and dry climate. Being a houseplant, it does not grow easily in areas that are not very bright, humid and with temperatures below 20 °. It follows that, due to its care, it is preferable to reserve an area of ​​the apartment sufficiently in light. It must also be avoided, as far as possible, to be invaded by cold currents. It is therefore not convenient to place it near a window or door. In addition to controlling the humidity of the air, it is also important to realize the degree of humidity of the soil. The plant must have water every 2-3 days, after having checked how wet the soil is with your fingers. In fact, this should never be left completely dry.

The holidays end, but where does the Christmas star end up?

It is very important, after the Christmas period, to find the right place for our plant and thus to take care of it. The advice is, usually, to transfer it to a cooler room, whose temperature is around 16 ° -18 °. With the advent of spring, when the weather will be more stable, it will be possible to move it again to a bright environment or even to the balcony. In this period it is necessary to wet only once a week, waiting for the plant to resume its flowering. In this regard, the branches should be ticked on which the flowers are now dried, making a cut just above the graft of the leaves. During the summer the plant requires an outdoor location and fertilizers for flowering plants loaded with phosphorus and potassium. In mid-season it is preferable to transfer it to a larger vase to bring it home in October.

Christmas star care: What attacks the Christmas star?

How people are attacked by viruses that force them to bed with a thermometer in their mouth, so plants also have their "enemies". Euphorbia pulcherrima is a very delicate plant, for which sudden deaths due to errors or lack of care can often occur. The problem, in these cases, can be of viral origin. If the bracts are attacked by the mushrooms, presenting gray spots on the beautiful red color, for the star there is nothing to do. The same applies in the event that water that emits a smell of detergent accumulates in the saucer: this is the fermentation of dead radical tissues. When aphids, which make the leaves sticky, attack the plant, the chances of recovery are very high. Just remove them manually and apply a special insecticide.